Must Haves

Fancy Food Thoughts contains some contextual affiliate links which advertisers have agreed to pay a commission if a purchase is made from that click-through. Everything I recommend are products I use & love!

Food Processor  - I have this exact model & LOVE it! I use it numerous times a week & don't know what I'd do without it!

Dutch Oven - I use mine for many things from baking bread, cooking soup to making my sweet potato shepherds pie!

Nut Milk Bag & here is another Nut Milk Bag option! - A must have for making your own nut milk! One of the most delicious, easy & healthy things you can easily make!

Cast Iron Skillet - Everyone needs at LEAST one! This set is dreamy. I also cannot believe how non-stick they are! Hands down better than any stainless steel pan I've ever used.

Life Factory Water Bottle -  I absolutely adore these water bottles!
But if you're prone to accidents, or you want a different type, my husband uses a 64oz Kleen Kantee (It's MASSIVE!) for work and thinks it's the greatest thing ever.  If you don't need one that's quite so big, here are a variety of smaller ones Kleen Kanteen.

Prescript Assist Probiotics - These probiotics are AWESOME! Everyone should be taking them!

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